Gianluigi Zarantonello

Author of the book “Marketing Technologist” and Luxury Executive @ X

He has been dealing with Digital Strategy since 2000, combining business logic with a solid knowledge of technology.
He strongly believes that the difference between digital and physical worlds in business is an outdated concept because is not meaningful for the customer and has always worked to facilitate dialogue between people with different levels of technical competence to reach company’s objectives and strategy.
Passionate promoter of digital culture, for more than 15 years he has been writing on his blog and in various channels to raise awareness and vision of these topics and in March 2020 he published the book “Marketing Technologist. Transforming the company with the customer at the center “.
After consulting experiences, from 2006 to 2016 he is Digital Marketing Manager and then Head of Business Technology and of the Innovation Lab of the larger fashion retail group in Italy (fast fashion and department store business).
Then, since today he has been Digital Solutions Director of a leading Italian luxury maison.