26/11/2024 Lausanne, Switzerland

summit 2024

Impact investment, corporate strategy and technology to empower luxury consumer experiences

About the event

The e-Luxury Summit is a premier gathering of C-Level executives and industry leaders from the luxury, fashion and lifestyle sector. 

Through thought leadership, panel discussions, case studies and success stories you will learn to harness the opportunities of new digital technologies. You will meet CDOs, CMOs, Heads of eCommerce, CSOs, CFOs of national and international companies.

Visionary industry leaders converge to explore groundbreaking ideas, forge strategic partnerships, and drive transformative change. 

Together, we will navigate the complexities of the evolving market landscape, unlock the full potential of emerging technologies, and stand at the forefront of innovation.

eLuxury Summit themes

Embracing Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies

  • Developing data-driven approaches and technologies (e.g., customer data platforms, integrated data management systems) to enhance efficiency and decision-making
  • Enhancing e-commerce with AI-driven personalization, virtual try-on solutions, and integrating online and offline channels for a cohesive customer journey
  • Exploring the potential of generative AI for content adaptation and brand-specific optimisation

Catering to Evolving Consumer Demands

  • Meeting the expectations of diverse consumer targets across markets and touchpoints
  • Implementing effective omnichannel strategies for seamless customer journeys
  • Delivering extreme personalization through AI-powered clienteling apps
  • Enhancing brand value, coherence, and awareness across markets and channels

Sustainable Practices and Transparency

  • Implementing sustainable products and practices aligned with market needs and consumer perceptions
  • Balancing sustainability reporting with overall company credibility
  • Exploring blockchain-based digital product passports for supply chain traceability and accountability
  • R&D initiatives for sustainable materials and waste management processes

Overcoming Industry Challenges

  • Navigating uncertain market conditions, regulations, and supply chain pressures
  • Addressing data overload, access, and governance for informed decision-making
  • Attracting and retaining skilled talent to meet evolving organizational needs
  • Fostering industry-wide collaboration and standardization for 3D technology adoption

Agile and Innovative Company Structures

  • Adopting lean and agile organizational structures to foster innovation
  • Prioritizing projects aligned with growth objectives and cross-functional expertise
  • Cultivating an innovation-driven mindset and culture
  • Leveraging open innovation approaches and industry collaborations

Confirmed speakers at e-Luxury Summit

Francesco Bottigliero

Chief of Humanistic Technology

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Jonathan Brinbaum

Global General Manager Parfums

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Sergio Azzolari


Dodie Itaoui

Global Director, Digital Marketing, Media & Customer Engagement

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Sacha Gomez de Zamora


Isabelle Moret

Conseillère d’Etat

View bio

Stéphane JG Girod

Professor of Strategy & Organizational Innovation

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Yves Felder

Head CIC region Romandie

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November 2024


Lausanne | Switzerland

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