Jerome Houdry

General Manager @ Datawords Group

Co-founder of Digiprod in 2002 after an academic training at EDHEC business school, I discovered the different aspects of video and content production and post-production leading various client such as J&J, L’Oréal, Unilever, Mondelez, WHV, Henkel…
In 2014, Digiprod joined the Datawords group to keep helping our clients internationally while maintaining a strong local vision and performance. At the same period, the experience in productions let to the idea of feeling a gap that existed in almost every marketing campaigns to better address the narratives requirements of digital and social media.
This gap was filled after the acquisition of 87seconds by the group Datawords where I took in 2020 the general management of 87s and developed a creative department to better serve our clients delivering content that makes people feel.
A new model 100% multicultural and completely in-house where creation and production nourish each other in a « Content Creative House » for better efficience and local performance.