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Emanuela Gris

Emanuela Gris

Senior Account Manager

In her 5th year in Merkle DACH, Emanuela accompanies her Clients of Luxury and High-End Consumer Products through Customer Experience transformation and steady growth.

Coming from Big 4 business consulting where she started in 1999, she has flexibly experienced all shades of corporate guidance, from strategy to organization, processes and implementation as well as compliance, in most industries. Full business and digital transformation of major global players and direct accountability on innovative public interventions have taught her through the inherent need of finding the relevant points of view in design and seeking the delicate balance between technical skillsets, cooperation, planning and, most of all human interaction, for successful Client results.
While complexity and the unplanned are always round the corner, fast recalculation and being able to count on key resources is the invaluable differentiator asset, that she finds in Merkle.

Emanuela owns a bachelor in Economics and Law and an MBA degree, having studied in Venice, Los Angeles, Clemson.
Travelling brought her through 50+ countries, mostly overland, including a 6-month independent, unrepeatable overland Milan-to-Milan journey through Central Asia in 2002.
Hardly getting bored, her personal time is with her IT-devoted son Leonardo and her artistic multitalent daughter Carola, spent in painting and creating, enjoying beauty in arts and the environment, and listening to new people.