Roberto Galdo

Roberto Galdo

DACH Salesforce Service Line Leader

Roberto Galdo is the Head of Salesforce Service Line at Merkle DACH. He supports more than 500 talented professionals to express their full potential and deliver top-of-the-market solutions to over 400 world-class clients.

During his 13 years of experience in technology, innovation and people engagement, Roberto has delivered game-changing e-commerce, marketing and CX solutions to top luxury brands and several other industries.

He is a key player in the partnership with Salesforce: Merkle is Salesforce #1 Global Agency and Summit Partner with over 3.000 Salesforce certifications and more than 2.500 implementations. Under Roberto’s lead, Merkle has been awarded Partner of the Year 21/22 by Salesforce Switzerland.

Roberto is a 33 y/o TelCo engineer with a strong humanistic vocation. He focuses on the happiness of people that work with him and passionately champions initiatives to foster diversity, equality and inclusion. Two notable examples are Bring Women Back to Work, a program created by Salesforce to empower women and to support them in getting back to work after an extended break and Pulse Academy by Merkle, a specialized Salesforce training program and career opportunity for IT graduates in Morocco.