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Maxim Tchmil

Maxim Tchmil


Maxim Tchmil, the Founder and CEO of STIMA, brings to the table a rich background spanning more than a decade in M&A, deal-making, and intermediation. His professional journey commenced in 2007 as an entrepreneur, and in parallel he started collaborating with prominent global family offices as a trusted consultant. During this transformative period, he lived in four countries and worked in over 20, gaining invaluable insights into multicultural business etiquette and a profound understanding of international business dynamics.

Under Maxim’s leadership, STIMA has firmly established itself as a groundbreaking system that seamlessly integrates luxury products, traceability, and financial solutions through blockchain technology.

Maxim Tchmil’s extensive international exposure has not only enhanced his proficiency in cross-border business but has also endowed him with a deep knowledge of multicultural business practices. His hands-on, “do-it-all” approach has enabled him to develop a profound understanding of the intricate nuances of conducting business in diverse regions, making him a well-rounded businessman.